It is the policy of Facilities Space Planning (FSP)  to provide data and analysis to ensure that all space owned by the Board of Regents of New Mexico State University is being used to its full potential and is fairly allocated.

Any proposed change in how space is allocated between colleges and/or any other major administrative unit (MAU) must be forwarded to FSP for analysis and recommendation as part of the approval process. All MAUs will be supplied with a report from FSP showing all space currently allocated to that unit as well as a summary of the various types of space.

The allocation and reallocation of space internal to an MAU will continue to be managed by the cognizant dean, vice-president, or director with an emphasis on ensuring maximum utilization and an equitable distribution of space based on demonstrated needs. FSP will assist the heads of MAUs with summaries and analysis of space within their areas.


This policy applies to all university departments (academic, administrative, auxiliary and support) on the main campus. Branch campuses are not currently subject to this policy.


  • The Board of Regents has ownership and control of all buildings and facilities belonging to or controlled by the university.

  • All university space will be managed to ensure effective and efficient utilization, as well as fair allocation and reallocation based on measured need.

  • All FSP data, analysis, and reports are in the public domain and available for inspection.

  • Space should be used effectively and efficiently. Efficient use of space should be rewarded, while inefficiencies should carry a cost.

  • Space standards and guidelines will be applied uniformly for comparative analysis.

  • Allocation of increased square footage must be consistent with a demonstrated campus-wide need.

  • Allocation of space does not imply permanence, but rather a commitment based upon continued program justification and in consideration of the campus-wide space needs in response to ever changing program priorities.